Tuesday, February 05, 2008

what the hail?!

It has been a beau-ti-ful day today here in Dallas, TX. So beautiful in fact, that two of my friends here at work and I decided to walk down to Omega's in Deep Ellum for lunch. It's a mexican staple on our list of lunch outings, and again....it's a beautiful day, so we head out, talking all the way about how perfect the weather is at a cool 71ยบ and how it's been a nice change from the freezing temperatures we've been experiencing of late.

Clint, or Co-Worker #1 as I'll henceforth be referring to him, even mentioned how crazy it was that it was so sunny because the little widget on the weather.com site kept showing clouds and rain, etc. "Rain!?!," we guffawed, and walked on, chests puffed up with the unjustified confidence of youth.

We finish up our delightful meal of fajitas and tamales galore (even though we missed Monday's tamale lunch special-drat!) and walked outside to find it even sunnier than before! Until, that is, we looked to the right, toward work. There, in the western sky, we were greeted by black ominous skies. We pick up the pace a little, believing that if we book it we can make it back to work before the storm.

We make it to the overpasses and the dog park that mark the halfway point between Omega's and work, when the sprinkles they start a'comin' and Co-Worker #3, who shall heretofore be called Jeff, suggests that we stop and call someone from work to come pick us up. I'm skeptical, and think that we could make it before it gets too bad, and that heck! it might even be a little fun to get wet on the way back! They shut me down with the fury of one thousand suns and we decide to wait.

That's when the rain starts pouring down. And then the hail. Hundreds of hail balls ranging in size from large peas to milk duds. They start hitting us through the spaces between the overpasses - fun!

Here's a rogue piece of hail that hit my arm:

Here's the sidewalk where we waited:

Cars started pulling under the overpasses to stay out of the line of fire and we saw our rescue car, Eric, off in the distance doing the same. He pulls up and saves us from the toils of inclement weather, and thus ends our adventure.

Even now as I type this, there is not a cumulonimbus cloud in the sky and the sun is shining brighter than ever.

Until next time, oh mysterious precipitation bearing sky! Until next time!!!

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