Sunday, September 28, 2008

kevin is cool vol. 2

We were in the car the other night listening to Jeff Tweedy's "Simple Twist of Fate" (interesting that all my blogworthy Kevin moments occur whilst Jeff Tweedy croons through the car speakers, isn't it?) returning back after spending a day down south with Kevin's fam (and my fam, too now) for the infamously annual (wha?) Ledbetter Reunion.

I had been making my way through the tracks of Kevin's latest and greatest mix CD to find this particular Band of Horses track I've been obsessed with of late, and he had me stop on the aforementioned song. He said, "There's this great string part I want you to hear towards the end!" I told him that that's always what he tells me when he wants me to start loving a song he already loves. There's always some great string part that I'll just love at the end of a song that reminds him of me. You see since I plaaaaay (sic) a stringed instrument, naturally I will love every song that has strings in it, especially towards the end. Touche.

He replied saying, "It reminds me of our wedding."

I sit there for a sec trying to figure out why this song with the luscious strings at the end reminds him of our wedding day, he kind of leans over towards me in the car making direct eye contact and says this.

"That just melted your heart a little, didn't it?"

Yet another reminder of how he suckered me into falling in love with him with his ever so quick wit. Le sigh.

p.s. this is the song (Marry Song) by Band of Horses I've been lovin' on these days.


Annie said...

That made me smile like I do when I'm watching a romantic scene in a movie.

christina said...

ahhh, i LOVE that song. very romantic. did you guys see them when they came to town?

Saric said...

I think it would be really romantic if Kevin would unfurl his beard to lay across muddy puddles so you could cross safely.

becki said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Saric Saanerud you slay me!