Thursday, October 02, 2008

toe steppin! steppin on toes again!

It's happened. Stuff White People Like has done it again! Nailed me. I guess they really do know what I like.

While this is not a full front view, you can clearly see (and if you cannot, just take my white word for it) that I am in fact wearing a pea coat....a pea green pea coat no less. And while naturally very hip and stylish, it was not in fact warm enough for the blustery New York winter we had entered. Perhaps it's because that pea coat didn't cost me $1,000. Oh the things we will do for fashion:

Oh brother. Any suggestions about how I can be less obviously white? Other than getting a tan, as it's physically impossible and I've got blister scars to prove it.


LIZZY said...

embrace your pea coat! no matter how many 'what what's' and 'woop woop's' we may throw out there, we are crackers you and i (fo-shizzle)

christina said...

i think you should get kevin a peacoat for christmas.

i'm working on formulating an argument for graphic designers being the epitome of white people (according to the categories laid out on stuffwhitepeoplelike.) i think almost everything on that list applies to me except watching the wire.

victory said...

You could try using 'black slang.' Problem is, everyone knows that white people just can't talk black.

(I wanna go listen to a black person now...)

Josh said...

Two words: jheri curl!