Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more things "i" like....

They've done it again! Stepped on my white white toes!!

Let's just say I DO like hummus and my Brita filter is often almost empty!!

Hilarious!!! I particularly like the "scenario" provided about halfway down the article.


Josh Briscoe said...

food allergies = check
hummus in my fridge = check
gluten-free crackers in my pantry = check
I must be white!

Josh Briscoe said...

this is marian... why am I always signed in as Josh?!?!

becki said...

ha ha! because you are one. one white person. :)

LIZZY said...

i am THAT person who will actually ask that question at the chinese restaurant. yep, i'm white and quite possibly food high mantainence.

i am so glad you read the white people blog too!