Monday, October 27, 2008

ere the beard is no more....

In light of the fast approaching expiration date on Kevin's beard, I thought it appropriate to honor it in a blog post or two (depending on whether or not I actually write a second one). Many thanks to sweet hampton for pointing me in this website's direction.

Here is one of my faves:

Here are a couple pics of the beard almost a year strong from the Ben Folds concert last week (where we actually ran into said hampton):

Here's a more full shot of the beard (pardon Kevin's bedroom eyes):



christina said...

wow is he going completely face bald? bold. i was at the ben folds concert too!

Jerome said...

That beard is symbolic to me. It reprezentz perserverence. and loyalty. and why don't you please advise when you are going to start blogging again so i don't have to check every 6 months for interweb hilarity!? outrageous.

word i had to type below for verification = "ponst"

Beth said...

You "three" are so stinkin cute!! Beard and all!

Bedroom eyes are the best! ;-)

EWian said...

Beards love'em! A well groomed beard make a man stand out in the crowd of boys.