Monday, July 13, 2009

from out of the reagan administration

Here is an article I saw on Kerri's blog today that I found very thoughtful and interesting.

And this is a quick biography on the woman who wrote it.


Gayla said...

With respect, there are differing views on Peggy Noonan. I believe Ronald Reagan would "turn over" in his grave to hear Peggy's current political views and opinions. She has been outspoken and made many comments in the past months regarding her disdain and virtual "hatred" of Sarah Palin. "Me thinks the lady does protest too much" In fairness here are a couple of links that would disagree with Peggy's assessment - and

becki said...

For me personally, some of things Noonan wrote were things that I felt during the course of the election, and not just because someone in the media told me to feel that way, it was just my impression.

I just hope for the sake of the republican party that Palin is not who they choose to run in the 2012 election. I'm not a huge fan of hers and I think the party can and should do better.

Annie said...

I don't think they'll pick her in 2012. I surely wouldn't. I liked Palin at first, but the more and more I saw of her the more I really did start to see what Peggy Noonan was talking about for myself. I had a lot of uneasiness about her, but I loved McCain. I really like what she was saying about having a philosophy and knowing why you believe a certain way. I agreed with her that it didn't seem like Palin had that. (She just had facts memorized, it seemed to me.) I really hope to instill that way of thinking in my kids - knowing why you believe things, not just because the Bible (or Rush) says so, etc. It really separates the men from the boys, so to speak.

Saric said...

No, Palin won't be well supported by the GOP. I too liked her at first because she seems to me to be a normal person who has actually purchased her own groceries in the past say, 30 years. However as time passed she lost her luster and seemed to not be principled in her answers to serious questions, but similar to what has been stated here already, just regurgitating the party line and if asked to expound beyond that she was lost. I will say though that the Obama loving liberal media did a hatchet job on her. But I don't think there can be an honest and open debate about who the best republican candidate is without seriously considering Ron Paul. If you blow him off than I would argue you don't know his stance and have been listening to a media outlet's opinion and don't have your own. If the measuring stick is the US Constitution he is hands down the best man for the job, better than all of the other perceived front runners including McCain, Romney, Jindall, Sanford, etc, etc. If you believe in the Founders intent and the Constitution of these United States than I don't see how you could disagree with him. (just a sidenote, a great way to learn about him is ye olde youtube, just type in his name and a topic and presto chango!) However he won't be well supported by the GOP either because the republican party doesn't want to be conservative at any level. They just want to hoodwink the conservatives in to voting for them. This is why the GOP is shattered right now, fewer and fewer are actually believing their rhetoric. For crying out loud GWB ran on a platform of humble foreign policy and small forward 8 years and we have 2 ongoing wars and he doubled the size of the government with such tax sucking gifts as the shiny new department of homeland security and doubling the size of the dept. of education. The GOP has been hi-jacked by neo-cons who would have you believe that being republican means slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocents in to perpetuity, lowering taxes only to spend like a greasy fedora wearing pimp in a strip club. Make no mistake the Democrats are just as bad, just spewing a different sounding rhetoric.

This is way too long, but here is the point. We need to stop the fighting between Republicans and Democrats, because they both suck. They are both dishonest crooks swindling us out of every liberty we ever had. We the people need to unite against them the State and take our freedoms back. All the answers are in the Constitution, not the latest and greatest bloated silver bullet bill being ram-rodded through congress.

Michael Hedgpeth said...

I agree with Noonan. Good riddance, hopefully.