Friday, August 14, 2009

dear john

[ASIDE: I'm blogging tonight for the first time ever from the comfort of my lovely bed. I usually blog at a desk or something, but I'm finding this new experience to be quite pleasant, and I think the thought of blogging in my bed might actually be encouragement enough to start blogging regularly once again!]

I was thinking on the way home tonight about how the overuse of certain words can completely make them devoid of their actual meaning. For example, the word "dear." We start corporate correspondence (or at least I do) with Dear.

If we're going to put our honesty cap on, none of the agents or assistants I'm corresponding with are particularly dear to me. I would also like to start using the word more and really meaning it.

"She's such a dear heart!"

"Oh dear!"

According to

How many times do we use the word "dear" and not mean any of those things?! It's something that becomes so part of everyday speech/writing that it becomes meaningless. And what about the phrase "Love you." Do you ever catch yourself saying it because it's what you're supposed to say when you hang up the phone? Or walk out the door? This one really bothers me, and I know I do it myself. I don't say I love you to people that I don't love, but sometimes when I'm saying it, I'm saying it because it's habit. Or it's what I'm supposed to say at that given moment.

Let's take back the dear's and the I love yous! Let's really mean things when we say them! Let's remember WHY someone is dear to us. Let's remember WHY it is that we love someone so much!


And to finish randomly, here's a picture of me on my bed blogging (and or pausing from my blogging to take a picture of myself) and listening to the Allman Brothers' "Ain't Wastin' No More Time":

Not the best picture of me, but hey. It's late, I'm tired, and I is who I is, capiche?


Lolly said...

You are so cute Becki! And I am not saying that in the over used, insincere way.
Reading this blog reminded me of an awkward yet humorous moment. I used to keep one of the pastor's schedules and I was setting an appointment for a single gentleman in the congregation, by phone. I told him the available times, he chose one and I said okay I would schedule him for that time and let the pastor know to which he replied, "okay, love you. Uh..." and I said, "See you then, bye" I was trying to pretend I didn't hear that part. But I really wanted to laugh. I don't think I have ever been formally introduced to this man but it's very nice that he loves me anyway.

jessica said...

i love you becki! (i mean it) have a great day! i love reading your blog :) and total agree