Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last night K-Ho and I went to see August: Osage County at the Winspear. It's the second in our Lexus Broadway Series (sponsorship plug, what!), and it's the first straight play (read: non-musical). I absolutely LOVED the show. The star is Estelle Parsons, who has done a lot of acting, but most of you probably remember her as Rosanne's mother Beverly on the 80s-90s hit sitcom "Rosanne."

Upon reading the cast bios I discovered that almost everyone in the cast has been on one or more of the Law & Orders, and that fact pleased me more than I think would be reasonable. I heart Law & Order. I also heart Words with Friends, but those are topics for another post.

I was initially taking pictures inside the theater at the beautiful set (which you can see if you click on the link above), but then an usher kindly informed me that it wasn't allowed. So, after much debate and not wanting to run into a cease and desist situation, I decided not to post my illegally obtained photo of the set and instead took a few photos outside on the walk back to our car. I took three that I was satisfied with, but could only choose one for Project 365, so Kevin helped me choose one that he felt was more unique than the others.

tree + wyly (this is the one I was originally going to use)

patrons retreat

and finally, 12/365 selection, "the lurker"


Rachel Gray said...

Is that Kevin as The Lurker?

becki said...

it is! he was walking down ahead of me because he was hungry and cold and I was dawdling taking pictures! it's hard to tell from this shot but he's actually facing away from the camera about to vanish into the garage, ha ha.