Saturday, January 16, 2010

14/365, 15/365 and 16/365

Sorry I haven't posted the last couple of days' photos! Yesterday was an eventful day at work to say the least and I was a little distracted.

First, we have 14/365, which was a fun filled evening over at Sir Jesse Hopkins' house. He got a new tv for his new place and invited a few friends over to watch our favorite Thursday night line up. Perched on his piano were the photos I got him as a housewarming gift. Love my friends!

"Jesse's House"

Then there's last night, 15/365. I left work a little early to meet Sarah Jaffe to play a show in Denton last night with Seryn and Robert Gomez. It was Sarah's last show in town before she goes on a fancy pants European tour with Midlake, woop woop! A couple of the guys in Midlake go to St. David's Episcopal church in Denton, where the show was held last night. It was a beautiful, traditional church and it was a gorgeous and perfect venue for the event.

"St. David's"

Today, as a pre-birthday celebration, I went with Jessica Roberts (Jro) to get my eyebrows threaded by Miss Kim then we met up with Jessica Allen and her ridiculously cute daughter Cecelia to eat at Garden Cafe. Then we went back and hung out at J-Ro's new place for a bit where I captured today's photo (16/365). Cece decided that she needed to reorganize Jro's bookshelf. And by reorganize I of course mean dump them all on the kitchen floor.

"Who Me?"

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Rachel Gray said...

Is that a champagne bucket in the background?? Is it?? If so, I need to know where it was acquired.