Tuesday, January 19, 2010

17/365, 18/365, 19/365 and 20/365

I promise I'm not going to keep blogging in multi day increments. This has been a pretty crazy weekend and beginning of the week....I got a promotion at work, woohoo! It's fantastic but it's left me busier than I have been at work in a while, and with rehearsals this week (see figure 19/365), I haven't had my evenings as free as in recent weeks.

So, a concise, yet not terse summary of the last four days.

17/365 - I worked on a film score with my friend Curtis of The Theater Fire fame for a film called "Carried Away" recently. There is a second project in the works, so last Sunday I went over to his house so we could work on a game plan for writing the music. I love his house and opted to take my picture there.


18/365 - My birthday!! Kevin and I had brunch, then headed to the mall for a bit. We stopped inside the Nasher store at Northpark because we'd never been. At the back of the store is an awesome kids section, and when I saw these patent leather baby shoes I knew this would be my photo for the day. They are so ridiculously hilariously cute!

"tiny feets"

19/365 - I started rehearsals with Irving Lyric Stage for their production of Showboat in concert last night and decided to take a picture of some of the score. I do musicals with them about 2-3 times a year and I love it! I've been doing it for about 3 years or so now, and we've done Sweeney Todd, Carousel, Dallas Divas, West Side Story, The King & I, Funny Girl and now Showboat. I've been doing it long enough that I've become friends with the other musicians and it's a mini reunion every time we do these shows. I love playing in bands, but this satisfies the orchestra nerd that resides deep within my weary soul.


20/365 - Tonight was the second rehearsal for Showboat. It's a fun gig, but I got a little overwhelmed when I realized that we have Friday & Saturday off this week, but this Sunday through next Sunday will be constant rehearsals/performances every night after working every day.....it will be a tense week and I think I'll be cashing in a massage gift card I got for Christmas shortly after the run is complete. I can't think too much about my schedule and how little time I'm going to have to myself, I just kind of have to keep my head down and push through. I think I'll be looking to this phrase more than once over the next week and a half.


Wish me luck taking my pictures every day and getting them posted on my blog! SHOWBOAT!

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