Sunday, January 03, 2010


I'm still running a day behind, but hopefully I'll catch up tonight - I have another photo idea in mind. I am playing this Thursday (1/7) at Trees w/my good friend Jacob Metcalf's band. (SIDEBAR: It's a free show that starts at 8pm for anyone interested in a glorious and FREE night out!)

We rehearsed yesterday at Jacob's loft, which is one of the most beautiful places and I love all the natural light during the day, so I decided to take yesterday's photo at his place before we started rehearsing.



hampton said...

dangit! i was at murray st coffee last night w taylor and that austin kid was saying something about jacob metcalf playing at trees later that night "with some violins and stuff" and i thought, i wonder if becki is part of that stuff. i should have gone!

becki said...

you sooooo should have!!! but to be fair, I thought about telling you about it at work, and then got distracted and forgot. so it's both our faults!!