Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Last night I hung out with my wonderful friend Elissa. We went back in time to Mesquite, Texas, land of the greater part of my upbringing, and in honor of the trek, we also ate at.........get ready for it.........Olive Garden. I knew a lot of people who worked at Olive Garden when I was in high school, and let me tell you, from what I understand the restaurant business is a scandalous business of late nights and debauchery galore!

But.....that has nothing to do with my photo for the day yesterday. I decided that picture of Olive Garden wasn't going to cut it, so my picture comes from the guest room of none other than Elissa. Her design aesthetic is something I've always coveted. She has an artistic sense like no one I know for decorating her home and I find myself just looking around a lot while I'm there and trying not to steal too many ideas.



ejakovljevic said...

what a hodge-podge ! thanks for the kind words. mesquite f o r e v a !

racheljenae said...

ooooh i like it. And I agree... she's pretty stinkin creative.