Thursday, January 07, 2010


So last night, Kevin and I went with Eric & Mandy (Kevin's cousin & his wife, as well as being our friends) to see National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen at the Winspear Opera House as part of my work's Brinker International Lecture Forum. It. Was. Awesome. Not only is he an incredible photographer of all things polar, he was also quite hilarious. And Canadian! What's that aboot?!

We (our Public Relations Director at work) got him a spot on KERA's Think from 1-2 yesterday, so if you're interested in hearing his interview with Krys Boyd, "The Stories Behind the Shots," click here.

I tried to take a few photos of him on stage presenting his photos. Most of them turned out blurry and I was trying hard not to get forcibly removed by one of our friendly but dutiful ushers for taking photos, but I got a couple acceptable shots. (if you don't enlarge them....DON'T enlarge're enlarging the photo, I knew it!). I tried to find the shot I ultimately ended up choosing for yesterday's picture on his website but I couldn't. His photos, despite my inability to fully capture their clarity and intrigue on my Sony Cybershot sans flash, are truly incredible. He did a book signing after the even for his new book Polar Obsession. There's a really cool video embedded in that page with a short version of a story he told us about last night. Check it out!

All that to say, here's my photo for yesterday.



Dale said...

Awesome picture! until I enlarged it that is.

becki said...

Hilarious. VERY hilarious.