Thursday, February 11, 2010

39/365, 40/365

Sunday was my good and long time pal Jesse's birthday. This is me saying Happy Birthday Jesse to him on my blog, but I don't think he reads this, but at least you'll know I said it, right, Internets?

Anyhoot, the day after Sunday, which was Monday, I went to work via a different route. My phone indicated to me that traffic on 75 was going to be a beast, so in an attempt to avoid the aforementioned traffic, I got to see some different scenery, like you'll see in the picture below. For some reason I have always loved these Ford model vans, do not ask me why for I know not.


Tuesday, otherwise known as the day LOST comes on, I went for the first time to watch LOST with a group of 300 people at the Angelika. It was put on by an organization called Red Carpet Crash, and I'm thinking about going again next week, but we'll play it by ear . By the way, for those of you who love LOST like I's do, you should check out the weekly episode recap on immediately:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Now, back to the blog. We went with several friends and ran into some others while we were there. I never knew there were so many LOSTees! Afterward, one of our friends Colin won a door prize - HOLLA! - and it was a bag full of comics. I love when my friends reveal their inner nerd.

"red carpet crash"


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