Tuesday, February 09, 2010

36/365, 37/365 & 38/365

I'm waaaaay behind, but I plan to trick you by blogging all the photos I missed in a few different blogs. You'll be nary the wiser. Without further ado.......I present you with the photos!

For 36/365 (last Friday) The Crash That Took Me was playing at the Double Wide, and on but a moment's notice, my sweet friend Sally Glass came up to see us play. I love her! This is a phote (sic) of her taking the stage before we went on.

"sally glass"

Then on Saturday, for 37/365, I spent a good part of the morning working on a film score project with a friend of mine. He's composing most of the music, and my job has been to arrange/transcribe a few of the pieces for strings and add a few parts here and there. It's been a really fun and exciting project and I hope I get to do more like it.

"garage band"

For 38/365, we went down to Cleburne to hang out with Kevin's family and "watch" the Superbowl. And by that I mean hang out, talk with family, then look up and get excited when everyone else starts yelling enthusiastically and hope they show and instant replay. I meant to take a picture of their house while it was still daylight because they bought a beautiful old home a little over a year ago, but I totally forgot, so instead I took a picture of a little CD that our friend Dragan burned for Kevin and left at our front door. I love it when people leave things cutely and gingerly leaned against other things. (What?)


Until next time! (check back in about 30 min or so)

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