Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a little homestead update

I've been way out of the loop and I definitely experienced a Project 365 FAIL. Turns out, buying a house and working and trying to do music = NO FREE TIME AT ALL.

In lieu of a crazy word-filled post, here are a few pictures of our house adventures thus far. We're still in the process of moving out of the apartment - have to be out of there by May 31. We're moving as much little stuff as we can over there and we'll let movers do the bigguns. I LOVE our new house and can't wait to actually be living there.

This kitty has been our friend since the first day we came to look at the house:

Practicing in a completely empty house = magical acoustics:

First encounter with this previously very shy feline that lives two doors down. Adorbs:

First dinner in the new house - Keller's. Perfect perfect perfect:

K-Ho likes to send me progress pics of how he's doing with the house/apt during the day. I love his little status updates....let's just say the top of our closets were a hot mess this - all gone!

Kevin, trying our new shower curtain:

I love my husband! We haven't been able to take anything really big over to the house because none of the many many windows have blinds, so we've been taking things over and hiding them in closets, etc. He took yesterday and today off work to do house stuff and sent me this glorious picture with the caption, 1 down, 9 to go! I didn't even know he was planning to go buy them today!

Can't wait to be there full time!!


blackmarketfunnelcakes said...

that is the prettiest damn shower curtain i've ever seen.

Josh Briscoe said...

awwww this is so exciting! house memories are the best! -mar

lindsay1019 said...

i CANNOT wait to see this place!!!! I love the picture with your music stand all by its lonesome...
SO excited for you!!!!

christina said...

so exciting! have fun moving in and making it feel like home :) looks gorgeous even empty!

Victory said...

.......I WANNA SEE ITTTT!!!!

Seriously, the house looks awesome. Though, me being myself, I'm almost more interested in the cat. Haha.