Friday, June 11, 2010

work shenanigans

So it's Friday (holla!) at work, around 3:54pm, and I'm getting antsy because it's about to be the weekend, what what! I get up to forage for some gum and decide to stop by my sweet little mailbox in the supply room at work, and I find two things.

1. a magazine that I don't read or subscribe to, but continue to be responsible for.

2. this:

Now instantly I'm irritated, because if something was so "urgent" why not just bring it to my face, can I get an "amen!"? So I'm flipping the envelope over to open it, grumbling to myself all the while and hoping I haven't missed some deadline because someone couldn't walk a few feet over to my desk to deliver such an urgent message. I open it, only to find this:

I started laughing so hard!!

Conclusion: I love Rhealyn Carter and no one can tell me I don't!!

Happy Friday!


Marian said...

oh fridays ;-) They are so unpredictable!

kerri said...

Oh Rhea and her tricks!

Here's my response to your comment on my blog- (because I'm a dooooork):

STUDE!! Haha! Totally not even on Itunes yet. Soiled Frog's EP was released by one of the band members who bailed and is now homeless.

Rachel Gray said...

Haha! This made me miss work for a second...but only a second. ;)

Lolly said...

I love the way her name is spelled!!