Monday, December 19, 2005


If you live in the Dallas-ish area, and you haven't been to P.D. Johnsons, I suggest you do. You do been there. *pause* Right. Anyway, the only reason I titled my post "Ahoy" is because a guy that works at P.D. Johnsons frequently comes into my work to give us to go menus and delicious deserts, and he brought us some chocolate chip ('s ahoy) cookies today. I haven't eaten any of them, because they're probably made with poison, but they sure do LOOK like they aren't.

You're not foolin' anyone Chucky!

Anyway, here's a fun game that I learned from the internet "connect with a friend!" website whose name I shan't mention. *coughmycoughspacecough*

Go to and type in "YourName is" in quotes and see what comes up. Now obviously you won't type the words "your" "name." I'd type "Becki is" or "Rebecca is," get it? *nudge nudge*

Por ejemple:

Rebecca is very articulate with a nice UI.

Rebecca is dead but she hasn't gone away.

Rebecca is an example of New Testament Apocrypha.

Rebecca is always fending off Sam's advances.

Becki is short, at tops maybe 5'3''with blonde hair sprinkled with sides of gray.

Becki is our youngest heart buddy.

Becki, is litigation.

Becki is not responsible for various illnesses going around.

Excellent. Yes.

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