Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tis the Treason...

I'm leaving this evening to go to Wichita, KS to see ye olde mom, sister, grandma, grandpa, and uncle. Now I know that "ye olde" implies that they are YOUR mom, sister, grandma, etcetera - when, in fact, I am talking about mine. I just like the way "ye olde" sounds better than "my" or "me olde." Maybe we all just need to calm down.

I'm excited about going up there because I always feel really at home and relaxed, and I'll get to see my family and hang out and eat glorious food (Mom and Grandma are both excellent cooks, a skill I've yet to hone) and sleep in. *sigh* I can't wait. I also can't wait until I make more money and can shower my friends with lots of gifts. I exchanged gifts yesterday with Stephanie, Elissa, Candiss, Levi and halfway with Erin (she gave me hers, and I've yet to give her mine). I've still got a few more exchanges to do, including the ever multiplying family. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!

We were going to have "The Girls" Christmas exchange tonight and all pick Julie up from the airport together, unwrap presents, eat, drink, and be merry and stay up all night talking about earrings and pumps, but she's not getting in until EXACTLY 4 hours after I leave. (see: 7:24 pm v. 11:24 pm) *weeping* Alex usually plays the role of Julie whenever we get together, but tonight......tonight he'll be Becki. Tonight I'll know the bittersweet sting of knowing they're all hanging out and wishing I could be there. Billy Corgan couldn't have said it better when he said.......Tonight.......TONIGHT! SWEET MOTHER OF MOSES, TONIGHT!! (maybe not that last part) I empathize with you Julie! But I also know that whenever we get together we always wish you were there, and there's a little "recently moved to NY girl" shaped hole in our gathering!

All is well, though, and we're going to do our exchange when I get back. TWICE! Merry Christmas! I love this time of year. Family, friends, and a general appreciation for the great things in our lives. And it was good.

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