Friday, January 20, 2006

at long last...ny...well, kind of

Okay, so as a little congraduations present for myself, I went to NY to visit Julie with Christian and Jessawill. Since this trip was the first in which I had my digital camera, all my pictures were stored on it's little bitty memory stick (172 to be precise). I am an idiot, and thus was unaware of how to go about getting these pictures out of my camera and into the hands/URLs of those who desire them....namely one Christian Kelly. *peering knowingly over bifocals at C.K.*

Anypops, I finally figured out a few days ago how to hook up my camera to my computer at work and up(not down)load them into iPhoto, then into the Flickr Uploadr (clever) and into my flickr account. I really deserve an ice cream, I think. The kind with the cake cone, not the brown triangle cone. *blech!* As I have previously stated, I'm not so much one for picking up on technology early on in its development. I'd rather wait until all my friends know how to use it, then have them teach me. Instruction manuals are entirely overrated.

Anyway, after some toiling (and calling Julie for help) I figured out today how to actually get the pictures from the uploadr into my flickr account. BAD news is, after only 30 of the 172 pictures had been uploaded, I exceeded my bandwidth (like that's a real word) allowance......FOR THE MONTH!! That means I have to wait five and a half months to get all my pictures onto Flickr??!?!!!? RIDICULOUS! I hate you bandwidth restriction! Why you gotta bust mah flava?

Here are 4 pictures to highlight the trip:

1. skyline from Julo's rufe (sic):

2. it must be art:

3. julie's a hungy!:

4. and scenes from an italian resaurant (name that reference!):

More to come over the next 5.5 months. Stay tuned.


JULIE said...

fun pictures! you'll have to photoshop that second one and make my face less shiny though. that's what friends are for!

Daniel said...

Your bandwidth exceeded after 30 pics? Something fishy is going on there. I would hope Flickr would give users more bandwidth than that. See you at church.

Kristoffer K said...

bottle of red, a bottle of white. It all depends on your appetite.

becki said...

well played, my friend, well played!! any billy joel fan is aces in my book!

Daniel said...

I assume by "aces" you mean "an expert in a given field" and not "a military aircraft pilot who has destroyed five or more enemy aircraft." It is Billy JOE Armstrong, not Billy JOEL Armstrong as I once thought too. His Wikipedia article:

becki said...

yes, your assumption is correct, tate face. I did mean aces as in "an expert in a given field." HOWEVER, as for YOUR assumption that I was referring to a musical artist whose popularity increased post-1990, I was actually just talking about Billy Joel, pianist/vocalist/composer whose popularity peaked in the early '70s. - CHALLAUNGE! (that's cosby speak for "challenge")

Kristoffer K said...

speaking of billy joel . . . i was just thinking the other day about that show Bosom Buddies for which Billy Joel contributed the song "My Life," which featured Tom Hanks and Peter Scoleri. Why oh why is this show not released in its complete form, on DVD? Is it cause Multi Oscar winning Tom Hanks is slightly embarrassed that he once dressed up in drag on a sit-com?

Daniel said...

Ahhh. I see. So were not talking about me. I am going to get all the info about Young Marines tonight at Rangers. I will proably make a decision then. I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

Billy Joel