Wednesday, March 07, 2007


That last post that I just wrote, "reveal-ation," came as a result of a conversation I had with Jerome, aforementioned blogger/friend/writing partner extraordinaire. We both decided to write blogs on wherever our minds led us from the conversation.

This is what he churned out.

It's funny, because when I was reading his, there was a part that really made me start thinking.

Oh my gosh. Boy, do I remember. Like the first day of school in 6th grade. See, I don't know about anyone else, but we used to kind of dress up on the first day of school. It was a big deal that required a lot of preparation. I wasn't just going to wear my old, but also "timelessly" "fashionable" puff paint shirt from the fifth grade again, no sir! This was a time of transcending into elementary adulthood. So naturally, I decided on a navy and white sailor-esque outfit, consisting of a top that had a build int vest appearance and kulats (sp?). That's right. The shorts that appear as though they might be a skirt, but be fooled not! They are shorts.

Anyway, the kulats were navy, and if anyone has ever seen me in person, you know that pigmentation is not my strong suit. There is quite a contrast betwixt navy and extremely white. Anyway, we were standing in line right after having made a class trip to the bathroom, and this kid, whose name I shan't mention, was playing around and pretended to kick my shin. He then promptly said,

"Oh, sorry, I don't want to ruin your white tights."


Except, see, I wasn't wearing any tights. Subsequently, if ever you see me wearing shorts, we must be really good friends.

It's just amazing how words can so deeply hurt a person, whether that's the intention or not. I know I've hurt people, and I remember many other times that someone said something to me that has stuck with me for years. There must be something to that whole taming the tongue idea. Thinking before you speak carelessly. I'm working on that, too.

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