Friday, February 05, 2010

33/365, 34/365 and 35/365

Okay so here I am, blogging yet again with pictures in threes. But! I will not let myself fall behind to four pictures!! So this may be a little shorter and sweeter, but I'll get better! I believe in me!

First up, 33/365. LOST. Season Premiere. FINAL season. LOST watching party. Dharma themed snacks. Need I say more? Yes. I LOVE LOST.

"Season 6"

Next, for 34/365, I took a photo as we were setting up for band practice for a show we actually have tonight at the Double Wide, woop woop! That's where I'll be going after I finish this blog. I love music and I love the peeps I get to play with.


Finally, for 35/365, I was laying on my bed last night just winding down before I went to bed, and Kevin's closet door was ajar. I knew this would be my picture. I saw the remnants of Kevin's LOST watching outfit hang with quiet pride in the closet. I love hilarious things.


Til we blog again!

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